The 21 Weirdest 1980’s Cartoons

From Mr. T to Pac-Man to Teen Wolf, ’80s kids hung out with some odd characters on Saturday mornings

12. Laverne & Shirley in the Army

Laverne and Shirley 80s cartoon
Shirley and Laverne in Laverne & Shirley in the Army | Photo: YouTube

Aired: 1981-1982

Network: ABC

Number of episodes: 21

Happy Days spin-off Laverne & Shirley also got an animated series, which was spun off of the time-traveling Fonzie show as Laverne & Shirley in the Army. It follows the misadventures of Laverne DeFazio and Shirley Feeney as they become privates in the Army. There’s also a pig — Sgt. Squealy — who is always threatening to report them for their antics. (You can almost hear Garry Marshall pitching the idea: “And there’s a talking pig — kids love pigs!”) When the Fonz series ended, Fonzie and Mr. Cool joined Laverne and Shirley for their second season under the name Laverne & Shirley with The Fonz. Fonzie and Mr. Cool were Army mechanics (naturally).

Written by Totally Rad Staff