The 21 Weirdest 1980’s Cartoons

From Mr. T to Pac-Man to Teen Wolf, ’80s kids hung out with some odd characters on Saturday mornings

9. Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf 80s cartoon
Scott, the titular Teen Wolf | Photo: YouTube

Aired: 1986-1987

Network: CBS

Number of episodes: 21

Based on the 1985 teen comedy (it was Michael J. Fox’s Back to the Future follow-up), the animated Teen Wolf series differed from the film in a few ways. While in the movie Fox’s lead character Scott becomes the big man on campus when everyone learns he’s a hot-shot werewolf, in the cartoon, only his werewolf family and a couple friends know, allowing the series to play on themes of alienation and trying to fit in despite being “different” from of the most other kids. In 2011, the Teen Wolf franchise was roused once again with a live-action teen drama on MTV; that series ran six seasons.

Written by Totally Rad Staff