The 21 Weirdest 1980’s Cartoons

From Mr. T to Pac-Man to Teen Wolf, ’80s kids hung out with some odd characters on Saturday mornings

6. ALF: The Animated Series

ALF 80s cartoon
The ALF family | Photo: YouTube

Aired: 1987-1989

Network: NBC

Number of episodes: 26

A year after the premiere of the sitcom ALF — about a wise-cracking alien named Gordon Shumway who eats cats and ends up stranded on earth with a classic sitcom family (what luck!) — NBC launched the inevitable Saturday morning cartoon spin-off. Though presented like a typical sitcom, ALF: The Animated Series was a prequel to the live-action series and followed Gordon (“ALF” was merely his earth-bound nickname, standing for Alien Life Form) and his family on the planet Melmac prior to its explosion. Gordon/ALF was voiced by Paul Fusco, who did the puppeteering and voice of the alien on the live-action show (Fusco also co-created ALF). Another animated ALF series, ALF Tales, featured the show’s characters recreating various fairy tales; it ran alongside The Animated Series in 1988 and 1989.

Written by Totally Rad Staff