The 21 Weirdest 1980’s Cartoons

From Mr. T to Pac-Man to Teen Wolf, ’80s kids hung out with some odd characters on Saturday mornings

19. Ewoks

Ewok 80s cartoon
A cute little Ewok from Ewoks | Photo: YouTube

Aired: 1985-1986

Network: ABC

Number of episodes: 26

The final film of the original Star Wars trilogy premiered in 1983, busting open the market even more for Star Wars-related products. The cute, furry Ewoks introduced in Return of the Jedi were tailor-made for children, making a Saturday morning cartoon all but inevitable. Set on the moon of Endor, the cartoon featured the adventures of an Ewok named Wicket W. Warrick and his family and friends. The two seasons of the Ewoks cartoons were collectively a prequel to the live-action TV movies Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure (1984) and Ewoks: The Battle of Endor (1985), though, in classic Star Wars fashion, the animated shows premiered after both films had aired.

Written by Totally Rad Staff