Jennifer Grey – What She Looks Like Now

We all know Jennifer Grey as America’s Sweetheart of the 80s from her portrayal of Baby in Dirty Dancing (1987) and Jeanie in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986). Her iconic head of curls, recognizable facial features, and classic summer style from the films all help us recognize her as our favorite 80s starlet. As time has passed, Grey has transitioned through various stages of her life and career while maintaining her unique appearance and embracing new features. As 80’s movie fans reminisce on her beauty and style in the roles she played, many wonder: what does Jennifer Grey look like now?

Jennifer Grey at the 1987 premiere of ‘Dirty Dancing’ / Pinterest

A Farewell to 80’s Curls

Courtesy of Harklinikken

Gone are the days of Greys’ signature spiral-permed curls that framed her face in the 80s. Instead, her hair now boasts more relaxed styles that elude her natural texture. She has experimented with other hair colors but continues to return to the honey-brown locks with baby-blonde highlights she sports in her 80s films. In an interview with Oprah Daily, Grey got candid about how she has struggled with hair loss due to aging.“I’ve always been the girl with the hair; it’s something I took for granted. I thought it would be something I would always have… I didn’t know it would change.” However, she continues to exude confidence and emulate self-expression through her locks.

Embracing New Features

Jennifer Grey at the Avengers Premiere / Pinterest

Grey has openly discussed her decision to undergo a plastic surgery procedure that considerably altered her appearance after filming Dirty Dancing. According to VanityFair, Grey claimed that she never had an issue with her nose until she faced pressure from others who claimed that a rhinoplasty would help her acting career. Grey has been honest in her regret of the surgery,  referring to the two rhinoplasties as “schnozzageddon.” She recalls that they significantly impacted her career as the alterations made her much less recognizable than how she had appeared in films during the 80s. Despite the controversy she received from altering one of her most well-known features, Grey has since embraced acceptance of her new look and continues to advocate for embracing one’s physical individuality, regardless of societal expectations and beauty standards.

A Style Icon Throughout the Years

Jennifer Grey at the Hollywood Reporter’s 2022 Women in Entertainment Gala / Pinterest

Grey’s fashion choices now reflect more sophisticated and effortless looks, while maintaining the influence of classic colors and pieces she modeled throughout the 80s. She often opts for classic silhouettes and neutral hues, effortlessly combining elegance with modernity. We also see Grey experimenting with lively patterns, possibly as a homage to her style during the 80s. Whether gracing the red carpet at a movie premiere in a sleek evening gown or embracing casual chic in tailored separates, Grey’s choices epitomize timeless refinement and self-expression.

Nobody Puts Jennifer in the Corner

Dirty Dancing 1987 / Giphy

Grey continues not to let anybody “put her in a corner” by persisting in her various creative pursuits, including the continuation of acting, dancing, and, more recently, publishing her memoir Out of the Corner. She is also the mother of a 22-year-old daughter, Stella. Through continuing her career endeavors while also navigating motherhood, Grey carries on her natural features, like her expressive brown eyes and warm smile, which we all fell in love with in Dirty Dancing

Reflecting on her current and past image, it is undeniable that Jennifer Grey continues to embody the classic beauty of an American starlet we all loved in the 80s. While her appearance may have evolved over the years, her timeless allure lies in her unwavering, youthful spirit and inner radiance. From her iconic roles during the 1980s to her continued contributions to the entertainment industry, Grey remains a shining example of self-expression, resilience, and timeless elegance.

Written by Natalie Voelker