The 21 Weirdest 1980’s Cartoons

From Mr. T to Pac-Man to Teen Wolf, ’80s kids hung out with some odd characters on Saturday mornings

4. Police Academy

Police Academy 80s cartoon
Police Academy | Photo: YouTube

Aired: 1988-1989

Network: CBS

Number of episodes: 65

The first film in the wildly, weirdly successful Police Academy got a hard “R” rating and most of the subsequent flicks would earn a “PG” stamp, but the sometimes raunchy films still weren’t exactly young-kid-friendly. That didn’t stop the creators from green-lighting a Police Academy children’s cartoon, which debuted after the theatrical release of Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach. Several characters from the films were recreated for the animated series, though the original actors (including Steve Guttenberg, Bubba Smith and Michael Winslow) didn’t provide any of the voices. As in the movies, the animated series followed the humorous exploits of the rag-tag police squad, but because it was a cartoon in the 1980s, they added a special unit, the Canine Corps, which was made up of talking dogs. The theme song for the animated show was performed by the Fat Boys, who also appeared in two episodes of the series.

Written by Totally Rad Staff